Drawing Near to God: gods at war in my life (3-4 sessions)

We all long for more of God’s presence, but the “gods” in our lives keep vying for our attention.  These other “gods” may be our jobs, money, health and even family as they can become great distractions that pull our focus from where it belongs. If you want to realign your priorities and long for a fresh start with the Lord, this is the place for you!


How Does Growth and Change Happen in Our Lives (2-4 sessions)

If you’re growing that also means you’re changing. So, if you’re not experiencing any growth in your life, it may be because you aren’t changing. Have you ever seen a plant and noticed how it grows? For the plant, it’s effortless; it just grows, and everyone sees it growing. That’s how your life should be—vibrant, alive, growing, changing, and everyone should witness your transformation. In this time together, Pat will answer the questions of: How does growth and change happen in our lives? and Why am I always falling back into the same old patterns and experiencing the same old problems?


Brokenness to Healing (1-3sessions)

Allowing God to change us from the inside out and bring transformation. We want it. We know we need it. But how do we access the new life Jesus came to bring?

·       This teaching will help to develop a biblical perspective of who God is and what He has done on our behalf.

·       You will discover freedom from Satan’s lies about your identity as you exchange the truth with how God views you.

·       You will learn practical strategies to grow in intimacy with Christ so you can experience renewed strength and courage no matter what.


 The God Who Pursues: Encountering a Relentless God (1-3 sessions)

If anyone ever asks you, “What’s so special about Christianity? What sets it apart from Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam or anything else?” your answer is found right here. Nowhere else do we find God in hot pursuit of people. This is a God who comes from heaven, from all his perfection and purity and might, to us, in all of our weakness and impurity and puts on skin, taking the form of a helpless baby; all in pursuit of your heart. This God who, when turned down, ignored, rejected – even violently, - finds a new way to express his love and issue the invitation. This is a God who has never given up on winning your heart.  Never.


Becoming a Warrior of God (1-3 sessions)

In every believer the Holy Spirit lives, and He provides spiritual momentum. We are designed to then be carriers of His Living Water to others. God, who makes all things new, works through the inner person in a powerful way.  The warrior knows this internalized relationship as the bedrock of all their experience. We will discuss what will be made real in our spirit as we exercise faith and dependence upon the Lord. Then, in the heat of the battle, when faced with difficult circumstances, the warrior’s perception of the reality of God in the midst of it will enable them to experience the calm and power from the inside out.


Spiritual Warfare (2-4sessions)

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are in a spiritual battle. When we were under the power of sin over our lives, Satan also had power over us. When Jesus Christ freed us from slavery to sin, and we died with Christ to sin, we were resurrected with Christ to now walk in the Spirit; we no longer live according to the flesh.  We were also delivered from the power of Satan over our lives. Yet, the devil wants us back. We are his enemies, and so he is out to try to deceive us and to trick us into returning to being underneath his control. 

We will look at the reality of the spirit world, both good and evil, their hierarchy and functions, what is spiritual warfare, what are the battlegrounds, how to fight, and how to win?  I would invite you to be upgraded in the things of God and receive His Spirit of “power, love and self-discipline” as you take steps to grow in your understanding and willingness to become “warriors of Christ Jesus.”



Pat has boldly spoken to high school and college students, single adults, and married couples about:

* Embracing a lifestyle of sexual integrity. * Overcoming past sexual & emotional baggage. * Obstacles and realistic expectations. She shares her own personal experience and how God showed her the way to freedom! It is her heart’s desire to encourage and equip others through the teaching of God’s Word so that they too will find freedom no matter what life brings. 


Messages & Workshops: Inquire about pre-set workshops or personalizing topics to fit your groups.


Leadership Topics

Pat has been in ministry for over 30 years. She has spent much of that time teaching, developing and training leaders. Pat’s workshops include vision and strategy planning, starting and developing new ministries, working with volunteers, board issues as well as a variety of workshops to develop leaders and your teams. Please contact Pat for more details.